Setting an Example – AT&T and It’s Success Story

There are a lot of technology related companies out there that have gained popularity for their success. While most would immediately think of Facebook or Apple or Bill Gates, etc., here I am, thinking and being envious about the success of AT&T.

Known as one of the top brands in the telecommunications industry, AT&T is a pioneer in the mobile services and is based in Whitacre Tower, Dallas, Texas. The company started its business in 1983, under its original name – Southwestern Bell Corporation. It operated under that name until 1995, when they changed to SBC Communications Inc.

How is it to wake up one day to the richness that is AT&T Inc.? But of course,simply knowing about its short history tells us that the company’s success was not generated overnight, and it certainly was not achieved through sleeping through the days.

Now, as the third largest company in Texas, and as part of the top 25 leading telecommunications companies, the company is proud to be serving over 250 million customers.

Beyond its name, the company is highly sought-after by customers because it is one of the trusted brands. Its efficient service has gained the company more competent employees, and of course, loyal clients. No matter the increase in competition and the difficulty of power play and overall business handling, AT&T survives and rises from all the chaos to remain as one of the most known and trusted telecommunication brands.

The services has since then expanded. From mobile services, it now also provides IP-based services to its customers. Both the private and government sectors are very confident in hiring AT&T for its services. They remain at traditional standards, while also being competitive enough and innovative enough to rise beyond the competition, despite the ever-changing “mood” of the technology industry.

While we all continue to work on our own pace, we should all take a tip or two from the success of this company. Know that there is no room for giving up, especially if you aim to be part of the biggest names in the world. Failures are nothing but a part of success, and the only way for you to truly fail is to quit. Hence, savor the losses and learn from the experience. Sooner or later, we will wake up to the riches we deserve; wake up to the riches we worked hard to achieve.